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Koh Samui

This beautiful 247 - square-kilometers island, one of the most famous attractions of Thailand, is some 84 kilometers east of Surat Thani’s provincial capital. Samui Island is a rare gem, preserving the idyllic simplicity of a tropical hideaway. Here you can delight in a latter-day Robinson Crusoe experience - in comfort.
It can be reached by ferry from Don Sak (some 7 kms from Surat Thani town) or by air from Bangkok or Phuket. A 51 kilometers ring road encircles the island, which has numerous lovely beaches and bays. A mountain ridge runs east to west and most of the hinterland comprises forested hills. The rich hues of wild vegetation are dappled throughout with the contrasting greens of coconut palms and emerald paddy.
Samui’s best beaches line the northern and eastern coasts. The most popular are Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai where, generally, attractive accommodations can be found. Besides marvelous beaches, other About attractions include the Samui Butterfly Park; the Monkey Centre; the Hin Lat and Na Muang waterfalls; the phallic rock formations at the southern end of Lamai Bay, and a massive seated Buddha image on Kho Fan.

The best time of year to visit Koh Samui is during the dry season from February to late June. From around March through to October, temperatures regularly reach 35 Celsius. The rainy season is from November to December and temperatures during this time are around 26 Celsius. Despite the odd shower here and there, there’s still plenty of beach weather. From July to October it sometimes rains off and on, but is still pleasant as the sun pokes through and rainbows are often seen. September and October can be nice times to visit as crowds and prices tend to decrease.